Dog chases iguana all the way into Dania Beach canal

‘I knew she’d make me famous one day’

A dog’s obsession with iguanas almost got her into deep trouble (and deep water).

DANIA BEACH, Fla. – A dog’s obsession with iguanas almost got her into deep trouble (and deep water).

The saying goes. “Curiosity killed the cat,” but in this case, we’re talking about a fluffy rescue dog named Bunny whose curiosity put her in some dangerous waters — quite literarily.

Bunny’s owner, Clare Frost, says her iguana obsession got her in deep trouble, early Thursday morning.

“She wants an iguana,” says Bunny’s owner. “That’s all she wants in life, and she has never caught one.”

“And my husband was doing lawn work and left the gate open and she took off like a bat out of you know what.”

“She loves to swim and she loves iguanas even better,” she explains. “There’s an iguana on the sea wall and it jumps, she jumps.”

Frost says she wasn’t too worried at first, but then, Bunny booked it straight for the boat ramps down at Harbour Town Marina in Dania.

“Yeah, so I was coming through Dania Cut and I saw something swimming in the water,” explains Bryan Schmalz who say Bunny. “I didn’t know what it was.”

Schmalz says he was a half mile away from Harbour Towne Marina near the Intracoastal when he saw Bunny paddling away.

“She was exhausted, but happy to be on the boat.”

Luckily, Bunny has a collar with her parents’ phone number, so he was able to to contact them immediately.

“Bunny is very well know in Dania because this has happened before… but never got us on Channel 10,” says Frost. “I knew she’d make me famous one day (laughs).”

Lauderdale Small Boat Club is where all of this aquatic dog saga came to an end.

Bunny’s vet recently said she was overweight, so, maybe she was just trying to get a good work out in.

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