Detectives arrest suspect in teenage girl’s brutal 2002 murder in Miramar

MIRAMAR, Fla. – Fifteen-year-old Farrah Carter put up a fight and her killer’s blood was the most important clue left behind at the crime scene, according to Miramar Police Department detectives.

Her mother, Kim Battle, found blood in nearly every room of their house before officers found her daughter’s mutilated body in her bedroom on May 22, 2002, at 6525 SW 27 St.

There was no sign of forced entry, so detectives suspected she knew her killer. Detective Marc Ganow made sure the DNA from the blood found at the home was included in a national database.

Jasmine Carter was 10 years old when her sister Farrah was killed. She said the funeral home had to put something around Farrah’s neck to hide the injuries.

“She was a daddy’s girl and I was a daddy’s girl growing up. We had that bond, that connection,” Carter said. “I don’t know what a 15-year-old would do that you would kill her like that. It was a passionate crime.”

Nineteen years later, detectives finally arrested a suspect. The department plans to announce the identity of the suspect on Tuesday in Miramar. Farrah would have turned 35 years old on Sept. 10.

“I love and I miss her every day,” Carter said.

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