Investigation ongoing after violent brawl caught on camera at popular Brickell restaurant

A violent brawl among patrons dining at a popular Brickell restaurant was all captured on camera.

MIAMI – A violent brawl among patrons dining at a popular Brickell restaurant was all captured on camera.

The video is pretty wild and can be seen at the top of this page.

The two groups went at it, throwing fists and other items, seemingly whatever they could find laying around, as the upscale restaurant suddenly turned into a fight club.

It happened at Truluck’s located at 777 Brickell Avenue in Miami on Friday night.

Truluck's restaurant in Brickell (WPLG)

“We don’t know who instigated the fight,” said Miami Police Ofc. Michael Vega. “We know there was a fight between two tables.”

Police was called to the scene but before officers could talk to anyone, those involved in the fight took off. No arrests were made.

The area of the restaurant where the fight took place was vandalized. According to an incident report, glasses were smashed, chairs were broken, and other objects were thrown. Managers reported at least $7,000 dollars-worth of damage.

“If we do locate these people, we can come back and charge them with the crime of vandalism,” Vega said.

In recent weeks and months, there has been more and more of this type of violence and aggression, especially at South Florida airports.

Police said they have definitely seen an increase in these types of cases and are attributing it to the pandemic.

“We are just asking people that if you are going out to an airport, restaurant, even on planes, to be patient,” said Vega. “Exercise patience because everybody has been locked up for so long that now we are coming out, we want to have the freedom to be able to do these fun things that we are able to do now.”

Local 10 News spoke to one man who was involved in the brawl at Truluck’s. He did not want to go on camera.

He said a man at another table was shouting and was the aggressor, and he said he went into self-defense mode and lost an expensive watch in the process.

Truluck’s declined to comment for Local 10′s story, but said they are working with police.

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