Sewage spill at apartment has residents stinking mad

Residents of the the Prestige Pointe Apartments say the pipe was broken for about a week and that they don’t know if the fix that was done is permanent.

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. – A broken sewer pipe spewing raw sewage outside an apartment complex in North Miami has caused quite a stink.

“There’s actual poop and pee and toilet paper pouring out into the street,” said an email from a resident to management of the Prestige Pointe Apartments off 125th Street and 16th Avenue.

While the situation has been cleaned up, residents say the pipe was broken for about a week and that they don’t know if the fix is permanent.

“When I had to get in my car and had to step over human feces to get in my car I said, ‘I’m calling the city,’” a resident said. “They just took the report and didn’t tell us more than that.”

The city of North Miami has yet to get back to Local 10 News.

The apartment complex at first said they didn’t know about the problem. But when pressed further, they said it’s been fixed and shouldn’t be happening again.

While the management office danced around this very serious health issue, a letter from Miami-Dade County to Prestige Pointe on Sept. 13 shows the Department of Environmental Resources Management ordering the complex to fix the issue within 24 hours.

Residents, who say they’ve been complaining about these types of issues since March, say they haven’t gotten any notices from the building’s management talking about the problem.

“We haven’t been reached out to, there’s been no email,” a resident said. “There’s been nothing telling us what’s happening.”

She added: “It was like being in a porta-potty that was sitting in 100-degree weather for a couple days. ... There’s human waste in our walkway. That’s not a report you take lightly.”

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