Victims’ relative speaks out after mother, daughter killed in North Lauderdale shooting

Suspect is the ex-husband, father of the victims, relative says

The aunt of one of the victims killed in North Lauderdale speaks to Local 10 News about that girl’s father and the reason she believes he killed her and her mother.

NORTH LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The search continues for 34-year old Andre Odaine Anglin, the man police say is responsible for shooting a woman and her teenage daughter outside her North Lauderdale home Wednesday morning.

Friends identified the victims as Jennifer Bellony and her 15-year-old daughter, Anastasia.

Jennifer Bellony. (WPLG)

“You are a coward and God will deal with you. My God will deal with you,” Anastasia’s aunt, Balanda Bellony, said.

While Balanda is Anastasia’s aunt, she says the two are the same age and are best friends.

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies say the mother and daughter were killed around 9 a.m. Wednesday outside their home in the 7900 block of Tam Oshanter Boulevard.

Police say Anglin frequents the Margate area, but stopped short of telling us where they believe he might be.

Anastasia Bellony. (WPLG)

“He took my baby’s life away -- he took my best friend, my niece,” Balanda said.

Investigators have still not confirmed the relationship between Anglin and the victims, or a possible motive, but records show Jennifer Bellony asked for a domestic violence restraining order against Anglin back in 2018.

According to Balanda, Anglin was Jennifer Bellony’s ex-husband and they were high school sweethearts.

She said Anglin was a problem, and couldn’t keep a job.

“[Jennifer] was raising her daughter and her husband, in a way,” she said.

Anglin and Jennifer Bellony eventually got married and had two more children together – two sons, Balanda said.

She said aside from being a problem, smoking and having no job, over time, Anglin became “oppressive and abusive.”

She said Anglin threatened suicide more than once.

“We would pray with him on the phone,” she said, urging him not to go through with it.

According to Balanda, Anglin and Jennifer Bellony separated twice over the course of their relationship. They finally divorced in 2020.

“She was back on her feet, bought a home, raising all the kids herself -- he was never around,” she said.

Balanda said Anglin sent threats to his ex, and said that he wanted to get back together and move in.

Balanda said Jennifer Bellony didn’t want to get back with Anglin, but offered to help him find a place to stay.

She said he reached out to a pastor and he sent him money to get an apartment, and that Jennifer Bellony also had helped him with money.

“He wanted his wife back, but it was too much abuse -- she didn’t want him like that,” she said.

Balanda believes this was part of the motive for the murder.

According to her, on the day of the shooting, Jennifer Bellony was about to leave to take one of their sons and Anastasia to school.

She said Jennifer Bellony was on the phone with her mother and told her she thought she saw Anglin outside, then said, ‘I’ll talk to you later,’ and hung up.

Balanda said she texted Jennifer Bellony around 9:30 a.m. and never got a response.

Shortly after, Balanda’s older sister called her about a shooting in the victims’ neighborhood.

Late Thursday afternoon, a woman came and laid flowers down where the victims were killed and lit a candle. She told Local 10 News that she didn’t know the mother and daughter, but was moved to honor them.

Soon after, loved ones also arrived at the home, grieving together as investigators continue to search for the man behind the crime.

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