Miami Gardens residents still trying to put the brakes on Formula 1

Hip hop artist Trick Daddy says city should share proceeds with community

An ordinance that is in place protects Miami Gardens residents from unreasonable disturbances. Residents say the Formula 1 race is going to do just that.

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – Formula 1 racers are gearing up to race at Hard Rock Stadium in a few weeks. But residents of Miami Gardens said their fight isn’t over.

The city of Miami Gardens has yet to comment on any permit approval for a race, but we do know that residents that live in and around the area are split on whether they should welcome it to their city.

Ihab Brown, a Miami Gardens business owner, said he hasn’t experienced many problems in the past. “I think they do a good job at keeping the noise in. I don’t know how it is with formula one because it might be a little different with engines,” he said.

Hip-hop artist Trick Daddy and a Miami Gardens staple had this to say: “Not just money that they are going to put in their pocket . . . Since we have to live through the traffic and live through the noise then share it with the community. That’s all I’m saying,” Trick Daddy said.

A Miami Gardens ordinance is in place, according to the lawsuit, that outlaws any noise which unreasonably disturbs, injures, or endangers the comfort of its residents.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Samuel J. Dubbin, said: “It’s the defendants, particularly the stadium defendants but the city as well who are about to violate the law and cause them harm.”

But attorneys for the stadium disagree, leaning on the exceptions given to events that bring commercial benefit to the city.

The judge said neither side offered evidence of what the noise levels will actually be and ordered sound monitoring during the race.

So for now, the show will go on.

We have reached out to the city on numerous occasions about this specific issue we have still not heard back yet.

Local 10 News and continue to monitor this developing story.

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