Gator gets up close with GoPro camera in southwest Florida

OCHOPEE, Fla. – A Florida photographer recently got a close-up look at the inside of a gator’s mouth in Ochopee after the hungry animal chomped on his GoPro camera.

Luckily, the reptile did not like the taste.

Photographer Bobby Wummer posted the video to Facebook, and luckily his camera only had minor damage.

“The backstory is: never put your GoPro on a stick and try to get a close-up video of an alligator,” Wummer wrote. “As I dangled the GoPro over the water to entice the gator to come closer and closer, I didn’t know that he would come that close so fast!”

Wummer said he was holding the GoPro above the gator with a stick, making it appear that he was in the water.

“I was not able to pull the camera away fast enough and the alligator grabbed it. At which point I did not fight or play tug of war with the gator,” he wrote. “I allowed him to just let it go as he knew it was not food.”

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