Livin’ large: House worth $16 million gives Coral Gables neighborhood a modern twist

The home recently closed at a whopping record-breaking $16 million and features the first flat-roofed home in the neighborhood.

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Welcome to Casa Costanera, the first modern home in the secluded gated community of Cocoplum in Coral Gables.

Recently closing at a record-breaking $16 million, it features the first flat-roofed home in the neighborhood.

Designed by Manny Angelo Varas, it is 7,000-square-feet and has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

“I designed the house from scratch. It was a 6,000-square-foot house on the property. I purchased the lot, knocked it down and designed it for myself and my kids,” Veras said.

Enter through the front entrance and into the double-height foyer area where glass can be seen on all three sides of the home. A fireplace sits beautifully before a pool view.

The home includes a wine cellar that can hold up to 1,000 bottles of wine and separates the dining area from the Italian-designed kitchen.

“Within the kitchen area, main kitchen area, prep, cook within the back area and bring things out, that way you never have a mess or a cooking display, only what you want to create,” Veras said.

The house also features a multi-set movie theater on the first floor, which also doubles as a playroom.

“We wanted to create surprises for the guests when you’re inside the house. You also want to make it functional. I wanted to create a TV within the space; I did a double-height. I was able to create a motorized 65-inch TV that comes off from the ceiling that comes off from an arm, so it comes down and down again, so regular TV height when you want to see it, otherwise, it’s hidden,” Veras said.

While there are stairs to the second floor, there is also a glass elevator, which overlooks a cascading water feature that can be seen while in the elevator.

On the second floor is the master bedroom, which overlooks the pool and waterfront views.

“In the master bedroom, what I wanted to create is a comfortable space, (it) has a full steam shower. I created the plumbing to be able to have water features, a direct rain shower, and a lighting feature as well, so three water features happening at the same time,” Veras said.

One of the main features outside is the 60-foot-long infinity pool, which has a perimeter edge and a swim-up bar.

The backyard also has a pool-side cabana and jet ski dock. Casa Costanera sits on 140-feet of seawall.

Six months ago the home sold for $16 million.

“We received an unsolicited offer of $16 million, which was $2,500 per square foot, so we ended up selling it, although I love the home,” Veras said.

The new owners were then offered $25 million after closing.

Casa Costanera could be yours, if you can afford it.

About the Author:

A South Florida native, Andrea Martinez joined the Local 10 News team as a reporter in April 2021.