Video of mother frustrated with living conditions in Cuba goes viral

A mother of three children frustrated with living conditions in Cuba goes viral.

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – A mother of three children frustrated with living conditions in Cuba goes viral.

Amelia Calzadilla urges other Cuban mothers to speak up in her post on Facebook. In the video she talks about her high electricity bill and her long list of grievances against the Communist government on the island. So far, the video posted last week has been shared more than 15,000 times.

“My power goes out every Wednesday,” said Calzadilla.

Calzadilla said the power outages keep her daughters from going to school because she can’t cook for them.

“We want to live with dignity. Cubans should not have to rely on family living abroad to survive,” said Calzadilla.

Calzadilla said she doesn’t fear being arrested for speaking out.

Local 10 News reached out to other Cubans on the island for their opinion.

“It’s a genuine case of the poverty Cubans have to endure on the island,” said Abdel Legrá, Cuban Dissident.

Known government critics said Calzadilla was expressing the genuine frustration many are feeling on the island.

“She’s merely a symptom of the worsening situation in a disastrous regime,” said Manuel Cuesta Morua, Cuban Dissident.

Calzadilla told Local 10 News she has been cited by the government and met with officials on Monday.

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In January 2017, Hatzel Vela became the first local television journalist in the country to move to Cuba and cover the island from the inside. During his time living and working in Cuba, he covered some of the most significant stories in a post-Fidel Castro Cuba.