Study reveals lack of awareness about diet and nutrition

A registered dietician says tat only a small percentage of adults can accurately assess if their diet is really healthy.

WESTON, Fla. – A recent study has shown there is much confusion among Americans about just how well they’re eating.

Candace O’Neill, a registered dietician with Cleveland Clinic Weston said research by the American Society for Nutrition found that only a small percentage of U.S. adults could accurately assess the healthfulness of their diet.

”I think that many people are confused about what a healthy diet is and they tend to overestimate how well they’re eating the majority of the time and underestimate when they have some treats here or there, how much and how often they’re eating those foods,” O’Neill said.

Researchers say further studies could help determine whether people are fully aware of particular dietary recommendations and whether they take into consideration where and how their food is prepared.

And a study by the University of Florida found that while physical activity and diet improved after bariatric surgery, patients still did not meet recommended levels.

Researchers say that while bariatric surgery is an effective treatment for obesity and other associated conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and joint pain but outcomes can vary from patient to patient.

The findings suggest that patients may need more continued support to help them maintain weight loss and other health benefits of bariatric surgery.

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Veteran journalist Kathleen Corso is the special projects producer for Local 10 News.