Stands collapse during Colombia bull fight, killing at least 6 and injuring 200

Several people were killed and many others injured after part of a stadium collapsed during a bullfight in Colombia.

EL ESPINAL, COLOMBIA – Six people were killed and hundreds of others were injured after part of a stadium collapsed during a bullfight in Colombia.

It happened on Sunday in El Espinal, Colombia. The town is located approximately 100 miles southwest of Bogota.

The cause of the collapse is unknown at this time.

Officials confirmed that up to six sections of bleachers collapsed at a bullring in the central Colombian town.

At least six people are dead and 200 injured.

Aerial footage shows the stands, which already appeared rickety, falling into the ring as people on both sides scrambled to avoid being crushed.

In images taken after crowds evacuated, the stands appear to have fallen over like matchsticks.

Ivan Ferney is a city councilman in the town and was one block away when the stands collapsed.

He said in Spanish that he heard a breaking sound of the bamboo and wood and that “When it started to crack, that’s what I heard, then the screams.”

Ferney explained that the temporary stands are constructed annually five days before the event, inspected, and then dismantled.

He said this is something that has never happened and the stands are always inspected before people go in.

President Ivan Duque promised a full investigation. President-elect Gustavo Petro meanwhile, who has been vocal in his opposition to bullfighting, encouraged mayors to prohibit future events.