Federal agents search for armed men who robbed postal worker in Miami

A female postal worker was held up at gunpoint while delivering mail in the City of Miami.

MIAMI – A female postal worker was held up at gunpoint while delivering mail in the City of Miami.

She said she was approached by two men wearing masks.

If caught, those men will face federal charges.

Neighbors say they saw their postal worker run out, but by then the bad guys were gone.

“As you can imagine, she’s not physically (hurt), but obviously, she’s shaken up,” said Postal Inspector Ivan Ramirez.

The post office worker was delivering mail at an apartment building on the 400 block of Southwest 2nd Street Thursday around 4 p.m.

It’s when federal agents say the two men approached her.

“(They were) wearing masks and hoodies,” Ramirez said. “They brandished a weapon and demanded she turn over the keys.”

It was the master key to the mailbox at the apartment building, which includes all of five mailboxes.

They took it and ran off towards South River Drive.

Miami apartment building mailbox (WPLG)

“Their thought process is, ‘If I have a key, I can come at a later time, access that panel box and steal your mail,’” Ramirez said. “They’re being utilized as another extension, another leg for the advent of identity theft.”

Resident Rogelio Flores says he saw the mail carrier moments before the armed robbery.

He told Local 10 News he wishes he could’ve helped her.

People who live in the area say this is a quiet block, so they’re shocked.

Meanwhile, federal agents continue to work to track the violent robbers.

“If they’re willing to do that to a federal employee and face federal charges, they’re willing to do that to anybody,” Ramirez said.

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