Police dog sniffs out stolen cash to catch Wells Fargo robbery suspect hiding at nearby Chase Bank

A West Palm Beach Police Department K-9 named Indy caught a bank robbery suspect on Tuesday. (WPBPD)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – This bank robber thought he was clever, but if what police officers suspect is right, a two-year-old police dog with a real nose for money outsmarted him on Tuesday in West Palm Beach.

A man stole cash from the Wells Fargo Bank branch, at 303 Banyan Blvd. He wasn’t counting on Indy, the West Palm Beach Police Department’s highly trained K-19 chocolate labrador retriever.

K-9 Indy sniffs out cash to track a bank robbery suspect on Tuesday in West Palm Beach. (WPBPD)

The K-9 is trained to sniff out the ink and cotton and linen paper used to print U.S. currency. Without Indy, police officers said the suspect would have likely gone undetected.

Lushun D. McCalla Ferryman was across the street pretending to be a customer at the lobby of the Chase Bank branch, at 316 Banyan Blvd., according to Mike Jachles, a spokesman for WPBPD.

K-9 Indy not only found him. Police officers said Indy even found the cash they suspect McCalla Ferryman had hidden in parts of the chair at the Chase Bank.

Officers arrested the suspect and took him to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office jail.

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