As hurricane threat looms, some South Floridians stock up, others wait it out

Some South Florida residents began preparations Friday, with the Sunshine State in the cone of what could end up becoming a major hurricane.

WEST PARK, Fla. – With South Florida in the cone of a potential hurricane, which could develop into a major hurricane, there was a steady stream of customers coming and going from the West Park Home Depot Friday morning.

But most had other preparations in mind.

“(I’m) remodeling the house,” Hollywood resident Rodney Hostos said.

Some said the storm is still too far away to begin storm preparations.

“I am actually going to paint a couple of awnings,” another customer, who identified himself as “Dave,” said.

“It looks like it is going towards the Gulf Coast, but you never know,” Hostos said.

While Local 10 News didn’t see long lines at Home Depot, there were long lines at the Pembroke Pines Costco, with people filling up their vehicles and their generators.

“This is for the generator,” Manny Rivera said. “Who knows if ill have to use it but I am ready for it.”

Still, some customers at Home Depot preferred to watch and wait.

“As soon as Channel 10 says board up, we’ll board up!” one customer said.

Noon report:

While there were long lines for gas Friday, most people shopping at the West Park Home Depot weren't in a hurry to buy supplies.

Later in the day, Local 10 News stopped by a Publix in Miramar, where residents were more apt to start preparing early.

“We haven’t had one in a long time and this looks like a big one,” resident Sandy Doner said.

Residents stocked up with bottles of water and other supplies, preparing for the worst. Shortages started to become apparent on the store shelves.

“I am aware that there is a severe storm coming in so of course I like to have everything prepared because you never know what is going to happen you never know when stores are going to run out of products,” Dexter Tillmon said.

It’s too early to say if the storm will indeed strike South Florida, but Local 10 meteorologists urge residents to be ready now.

Tropical storm winds could begin as early as Tuesday in Florida, according to Local 10 Hurricane Specialist and Storm Surge Expert Michael Lowry.

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