Third former felon arrested by DeSantis’ election crimes office has cased dismissed

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – There’s been another setback for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his election crimes and security squad.

In August, the governor made a splash by announcing that the squad had arrested 19 former felons for allegedly voting illegally.

Three of those cases have already been dismissed, including one on Wednesday in South Florida.

A Miami-Dade County judge ruled the office of the statewide prosecutor didn’t have the jurisdiction to charge Ronald Lee Miller of Miami with unlawful voting.

“How are you going to arrest me for a card you sent me?” Miller asked. “Why did you send it?”

Miller received his Florida Voter ID card despite a second-degree murder conviction several years ago. He voted in the 2020 election believing his ballot was legal.

“Why would I refuse the card?” he said. “I want to use the card.”

The governor and legislature, however, said anyone convicted of murder or felony sex crimes could not vote, and they created the Florida Office of Election Crimes and Security.

“If anyone is at fault it’s the people in Tallahassee who gave him a voter registration card,” said Robert Barrar, Miller’s attorney.

Barrar got the charges against Miller thrown out during a court hearing on Wednesday.

On Thursday Barrar was notified the state was appealing the judge’s ruling.

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