More residents complain about mail carrier with ‘hateful beliefs’ in Broward

NORTH LAUDERDALE, Fla. – North Lauderdale residents are waiting for change after they reported a United States Postal Service carrier known as Veronica is not only mishandling their mail, but she is also spewing hate.

Kristina Latchana was outraged by her behavior and shared a video of an exchange with the woman that prompted her to contact the U.S. Postal Service to complain.

“You are abusing us,” Barbara Latchana told the carrier.

“If you don’t like it, you can go back to India and get a better service there,” the carrier said.

Kristina Latchana said a U.S. Postal Service employee apologized after she described the incident and promised to investigate the carrier’s behavior. Latchana and the other neighbors are waiting.

“That is very scary because I am still scared from what happened,” Barbara Latchana said.

Latchana’s neighbors reported damaged mail or not delivered, mailboxes that weren’t closed, damaged lawns, and other complaints that go back to October.

Alberto Nevares is among the residents affected.

“My envelopes are ripped. They should put some carrier who knows what the heck they are doing,” Nevares said.

Kristina Latchana said the Postal Service needs to take prompt action.

“When you leave a racist alone, that encourages people with the same hateful beliefs to do worse the next time,” Latchana said.

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