Disturbing video shows violent brawl at West Broward High School, 2 teen girls arrested

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – A brutal fight between several teenage girls was caught on camera.

It’s not known who threw the first punch and what the fight was about, but the vicious beatdown involved girls aged from 15 to 17 years old.

It happened at West Broward High School on Jan. 24.

The video begins with a school security guard holding one girl wearing a blue shirt back while another comes up to her screaming and appearing to want to fight. Then utter chaos erupts.

A group of girls appear to gang up on another girl and just deliver punch after punch.

A school security guard tries to break up the fight, but it proves to be too much for her as she falls down.

Three girls then continue to punch the defenseless girl on the ground and pull her hair. One student tries to stop it, but he’s unsuccessful, all while a crowd of students watch and record it on their phones.

This goes on for more than 30 seconds before security separate all the girls involved.

“Security couldn’t get to them right away, she got a pretty good beating and it was hard to watch,” said student witness Elias Obrgeon.

Added student Daniel Demelo, who also saw the fight: “She was trying to defend her friend, I’m pretty sure, it was a friend that started it, she came in to defend her and ended up getting jumped. It’s an unfortunate scenario.”

A concerned parent reached out to Local 10 News after his daughter showed him the video. He asked to keep his identity hidden for safety reasons.

“I don’t know the reasons for the fight, but the mere fact they are ganging up against a single person, that is disturbing,” the parent said. “My concern is that this is not the first one. The feedback that I get from my daughter is that fights are more and more often.”

Pembroke Pines police arrested two female students, charging them with felony aggravated battery.

The principal of West Broward High sent a letter to parents after the incident, which read, in part:

“The recent altercations have all been isolated incidents. The Broward Schools discipline matrix will continue to be followed for all incidents. Furthermore, students who videotape and / or incite a disturbance are also subject to disciplinary consequences. We are actively putting things in place to eliminate this behavior.”

In addition to the two arrests, charges may be pending for the three others that were involved.

Local 10 News has learned the girl who was seen in the video being beaten was not seriously injured.

The investigation remains active and ongoing.

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