Miami pre-school under fire after teacher paints kids in blackface for Black History Month

MIAMI, Fla. – Parents are pulling their kids out of a preschool in the Little River neighborhood of Miami after photos on the school’s messaging app captioned “Black History Month” showed children in blackface.

Courtney Politis says she’s never had a problem with Studio Kids @ Little River until a few days ago.

“One of my closest friends contacts me, whose son is in the class, and is, like, ‘You won’t believe what they just did today?’ "

The children in the photos are dressed up like construction workers, police officers, and there’s a doctor, some as young as two years old. They are wearing costumes and their faces are painted black.

Politis said she immediately texted the owner of the preschool with the photos.

“I’m like, this is racist! And she proceeds to respond back with, ‘I’m sorry? I don’t understand?” The text continued to go on to say: “What is racist? In our school we don’t use this world (cq) neither we have this kind of mind.”

Politis said the photos were shared on Friday, Feb. 3, and she met with the preschool’s director the following Monday.

“Her tone? A 180-degree change. Super apologetic and from what I understand, she even told us that over 40 to 50 families contacted her over the weekend.”

Local 10 stopped by the preschool but no one answered the door. The owner and director of Studio Kids said she had “No comment” when we called.

But, in a message to parents, she wrote, “We have not intended to offend anyone, and we are very sorry about any inconvenience.”

“As a momma bear, I’m not going to let this slide,” Politis said.

She has pulled her children from the school. She said other parents, most of them not Black, have done the same. It is something she says that she appreciates.

“I don’t have the luxury of ignorance, and I’m glad that other parents are being proactive and not being part of this and hopefully for a better future for everyone,” she said.

There is no word if the teacher responsible has been reprimanded.

In a separate message to parents, though, the director stated a meeting was held with all teachers and staff to go over “several ethical and multicultural education points.”

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