‘I want her dead’: Miami-Dade woman tried to get man to ‘take out’ former co-worker, police say

Sarah Okaya Jones (MDCR)

HOMESTEAD, Fla. – Miami-Dade police arrested a 32-year-old woman in Homestead Tuesday after accusing her of soliciting a former co-worker to kill another ex-colleague on her behalf.

Sarah Okaya Jones, who, according to a Miami-Dade police report, is homeless, is also accused of sending the victim multiple threatening text messages.

Okaya Jones, the victim and the man all used to work at Allied Security, the report states.

The victim, who initially contacted police regarding a vandalism case, said Okaya Jones would regularly send unsolicited gifts to her residence. She said she would text Okaya Jones, asking her to stop, which would enrage her and lead her to send threatening texts in return.

“Ima beat you than (sic) rape you and kill you!!!” police said one text read.

According to the report, another text read: “Just wait!!! Ima get you when you lease (sic) expect it. You have no idea what im capable of!!!”

Okaya Jones wouldn’t stop harassing the victim despite pleas to stop, police said.

She’s also accused of soliciting another former co-worker in an attempt to have the victim killed. He later spoke to police.

The report states said Okaya Jones texted the man, who now lives in California, asking if he can “get the job done” and “kill the (woman).”

She then texted the man, saying “I have her email and her address(,) I need someone to take her out, I wanna set her up,” according to the report.

The man replied “What do you mean take her out,” according to police, to which she replied: “I mean kill her!!! I want her dead!!!”

Police said Okaya Jones went on to ask the man if he owned a gun.

The woman told police she was afraid of Okaya Jones and believed she was capable of carrying out the threats.

Police said they located Okaya Jones at the Publix at 891 N. Homestead Blvd. Tuesday and arrested her.

Alleged confessions were redacted from the police reports.

Okaya Jones faced charges of soliciting first-degree murder and making written threats to kill or do bodily injury.

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