Miramar police officer arrested on battery, kidnapping charges

Officer Joshua Bogwandas relieved of duty without pay

MIRAMAR, Fla. – Miramar police arrested one of their own Monday in reference to a domestic-related incident, authorities confirmed Tuesday.

Officer Joshua Bogwandas, 26, who was hired by the police department last December, faces charges of domestic battery and kidnapping.

According to an arrest warrant, police were called to a home in Miramar around 2:40 a.m. Monday and were met by the victim, who said she had been battered by Bogwandas, who she has been dating for two years.

The warrant states that the couple went out to a nightclub in Miami with some friends Sunday night, had a few drinks and smoked weed, before leaving to go pick up their children at the victim’s mother’s home.

Police said before they arrived at the hone, the victim got upset after seeing a text message on her boyfriend’s phone from his ex-girlfriend.

According to the warrant, Bogwandas kept insisting that the victim speak to him about what she saw, but she refused and went to lay down in her bed.

The officer then straddled his girlfriend and began choking her as she told him, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe,” authorities said.

According to police, Bogwandas told the victim, “I don’t give a f***” and “If you’re talking, you can breathe.”

The victim told police that she eventually broke free from Bogwandas and went to her child’s room, believing Bogwandas wouldn’t hurt her in front of the child.

But police said the officer grabbed her by the hair and pulled her out of the room.

According to the warrant, the woman ran out of the home and Bogwandas chased her, eventually grabbing her by her shirt and dragging her back to their home, saying “Get the f*** back inside.”

Police said he then continued to batter her in the living room area of their home.

The victim eventually was able to grab her cellphone and call 911.

Police said Bogwandas fled from the home in his vehicle when he saw that she was speaking with a 911 dispatcher, but he was later taken into custody.

According to the warrant, the victim suffered several bumps, marks, scratches and cuts, including on her forehead, lip, right arm and neck.

“This arrest illustrates the department’s commitment to enforcing the law without favor,” Miramar Police Chief Delrish Moss said in a statement Tuesday. “We encourage all victims of domestic violence to come forward without fear, knowing that we take these matters seriously.

“To this end, Joshua Bogwandas was arrested by Miramar detectives on charges of domestic battery and kidnapping that stem from a domestic incident, which occurred on the same day he was arrested. He has been relieved of his police duties without pay.

“Like everyone who is charged with a crime, he enjoys the presumption of innocence. An administrative investigation is also underway. This of course, precludes the department from speaking further about the matter.”

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