Miami man calls cops to report woman, ends up arrested himself, police say

29-year-old Eddie Justin Bryant. (Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation)

MIAMI – Police arrested a Miami man Thursday afternoon after he was accused of sex trafficking and assaulting a woman in Miami Beach, authorities said.

According to an arrest report, Eddie Justin Bryant, 29, who lives in the Little Haiti neighborhood, is facing charges of human sex trafficking, strong-armed robbery and unlawful use of a communication device,

Police said they responded to a call near 14th Street and Washington Avenue on South Beach after Bryant said that he was being harassed by a 31-year-old woman — who police would later determine was the actual victim.

According to the report, Bryant knew the woman and called the police after she damaged his rental car by cutting the antenna and scratching the door.

Upon arrival, officers said they located the woman near the 1400 block of Collins Court when they put her in handcuffs and she immediately said, “He’s a pimp and I’m tired of him taking my money.”

The woman told police that Bryant had taken her cellphone, cash and identification which were later found on him, authorities said.

According to investigators, police officers requested trafficking detectives that interviewed both Bryant and the woman.

Police said the woman was crying and holding the left side of her face when being interviewed.

Detectives said dry blood was spotted on the woman’s left eye and the left side of her face and lip were noticeably swollen. She also had bruising on her neck, upper left arm, right arm, and her left leg also had scratch marks.

The woman told police that Bryant ran up to her while she was walking on the 200 block of 14th Street when he punched her in the face and asked, “B----, where’s my money?,” according to the report.

Authorities said Bryant continued to punch the woman on the left side of her face and head until he was able to grab cash from her hand.

As the woman began to call 911, police said Bryant grabbed the phone from her hand and stuck it in his pocket, and then called 911 to claim that she was harassing him,” investigators said.

The woman said that Bryant called the police first so that officers would think he was the victim, the report stated,

The woman told police that she met Bryant in 2021, and they had started a relationship until he began forcing her to strip in strip clubs and engage in prostitution in Miami Beach, authorities said.

According to the report, during the time that Bryant and the woman were together, she said he would punch her in the face, choke her and grab her by the arms.

Detectives said they were able to locate prior police reports that showed Bryant had previous violent incidents with the woman.

The woman also said the money she was making was given to Bryant and he had gone into her phone and sent himself $500 from her Cash App account on Wednesday.

The victim said Bryant was not only physically violent with her but would constantly tell her, “You’re not the only b---- I’ve got. I’ve got other h--s,” the report stated.

During an interview with police, Bryant admitted to knowing the woman for at least one year and a half and said that the woman had lived in his mother’s house with him at one point.

When asked what he does for a living, Bryant told police that he does “music, promoting and hustling.”

Police said he denied being a pimp but said the woman was a prostitute and that he was “always trying to help her.”

When asked how he ended up with the victim’s personal belongings in his pocket, Bryant told police that the items fell out of her pocket when she was attacking him.

Police asked Bryant if he would consent to his phone being searched, but he refused stating that there was “too much other stuff in there.”

According to Jail records, Bryant was arrested and transported to Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center without incident.

Court records show there was a warrant with a magistrate hold and his bond has yet to be determined.

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