Genetic testing used to prevent adverse reactions to medications

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – In the United States, adverse reactions to medications are the leading cause of hospitalization or even death.

Now there’s an emerging science that can reduce that risk.

Many health organizations utilize pharmacogenomics, which is basically a genetic “background check,” to uncover how each individual will react to a certain medication or even a combination of medications.

Dr. Clifford Medina, Chief of General Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center, says a process called ACT-X screening, covers over 50 genes to ensure patients receive medication prescriptions that will minimize their risk of an adverse reaction.

“So for example, some patients metabolize drugs differently some are slow metabolizers, and some people are ultra-fast metabolizers of drugs which can alter the level of the drugs in your blood there by altering the effects of the drugs on your health and also with regards to side effects,” he said.

Medina said the technology will also determine your genetic risk of developing certain diseases.

The cost of testing may be covered by insurance plans.


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