New signs to soon support law to prevent abandoned boats in Hollywood Lakes

Hollywood residents have been trying to get rid of abandoned boats — and now that there is a law in their favor —the city is getting ready to officially hire a new vendor.

Terry Cantrell, the president of the Hollywood Lakes Civic Association, said some of the boats have been abandoned in the water for years.

“They just bring it over here, they drop anchor, and there it sits,” Cantrell said.

The residents were also concerned about how the abandoned boats have become an environmental hazard since these are often leaking fluids such as oils and gasoline.

Cantrell said lobbying paid off. Hollywood officials passed the derelict vessel ordinance in November to only allow boats to anchor for 45 days within a six-month period.

“The law is in effect, right now, but it’s hard to enforce it without the signage,” Cantrell said later adding, “These signs have to be placed down into the bottom of the lake.”

The law’s enforcement has already resulted in a “noticeable reduction” over the past several months, residents said.

Hollywood and Broward County officials lobbied state lawmakers to pass a law that would allow local governments to set anchor limits near urban areas. There was more progress last week when Hollywood commissioners passed a resolution to officially hire a vendor to install those signs.

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