Kittens in taped up cardboard box left outside local animal shelter

President of pet rescue says people abandoning animals is a constant issue

A local animal shelter finds a taped up cardboard box on its doorstep with 4 kittens inside.

SUNRISE, Fla. – Four kittens were left on the doorstep of an animal shelter and the woman who runs the rescue center says it isn’t the first time nor will it be the last.

Gina Vlasek, president of Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation, says it is a constant issue.

“Yesterday when our volunteers got here, there was a cardboard box,” said Vlasek.

The cardboard box was taped up and dropped off around 4 a.m., said Vlasek.

“Some had escaped so they were running around the parking lot,” she said.

On the box was written: “Kittens. We were not able to keep them. Sorry.”

Vlasek says it is a constant issue because most animal shelters are at maximum capacity in South Florida, so some people are completely abandoning their animals.

“We’re lucky that we find them, sometimes they’re abandoned in places (and) they’re never found,” she said.

Others are leaving their animals near a shelter like the kittens left at Saving Sage.

“People are desperate . . . doing the best they can by leaving them close to help, but once we’re full we’re full,” said Vlasek.

Our cameras captured one of the transports that Saving Sage does frequently. The one we saw was headed to Maryland. Saving Sage does transports to no-kill shelters throughout the United States, so the animals can have a safe place to live with in shelters that have more capacity.

Information about Saving Sage can be found by clicking here.

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