Broward woman charged in rough arrest claims deputy was the one who got physical

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A Broward County woman is fighting her arrest for battery on a law enforcement officer.

She claims it was the deputy who got physical and that his own bodycam video proves it.

On Thursday in a Fort Lauderdale courtroom, Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputy Steven Davis took the stand to answer questions related to the alleged rough arrest that occurred last May in Pompano Beach involving Kianna Cooper.

In court, body camera video was seen and heard in bits and pieces.

The video showed Davis approaching Cooper’s car and asking for her ID, at which time she asks “why?”

The deputy responds that she must produce the ID or else she will go to jail.

Cooper was allegedly on the phone with her mother, who was supposedly hearing the exchange.

A few seconds later, Davis is seen grabbing the door handle of Cooper’s car.

In court, Davis said that he went to get her out of the vehicle because she was non-compliant after claiming to having asked her several times to get out of the car.

From there, things escalated and got physical.

Cooper testified in court that she received several blows to her head and injuries to her face, arms and legs during that tussle, and Davis testified that he was bleeding profusely from his head as a result of being attacked by Cooper.

Ultimately, Cooper was arrested and charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

The next court date is tentatively set for July 27.

It’s not known yet if the judge will defer the ruling or rule that day on the matter.

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