Spit-and-run? Video shows DoorDash driver appearing to spit on food in Kendall

KENDALL, Fla. – A Ring doorbell camera captured a spit-and-run in Kendall over the weekend.

The video shows a DoorDash delivery driver set a customer’s order down, then takes a photo to confirm the delivery.

It’s what he does next that has now gone viral on social media.

The delivery guy mumbles something under his breath, then seemingly spits three times onto the bag of food.

He looks at the camera and appears to mutter something else before walking away.

It all happened Saturday afternoon at the Tree Tops Apartments, located off Southwest 107th Avenue.

Local 10 News’ Liane Morejon spoke with the 13-year-old boy, Elias Crisanto, who placed the food order, as well as his mother.

“My reaction was I wanted to throw up,” said the teen. “It’s so disgusting. I mean, who does that?”

Crisanto and his mother said they paid about $30 for the food and added a $3 tip. They believe the man was unhappy about the amount of tip he received, resulting in his bad behavior.

As the app alerted the teen that the driver was arriving, he opened his phone and saw the whole incident unfold live.

“After I saw it I told my mom and then texted DoorDash through their chat,” Crisanto said.

He said he sent DoorDash the video and then asked for a refund, which was initially declined.

After calling customer service by phone, Crisanto said the company changed its mind.

“I think they should have handled it better,” Crisanto said. “They should trust people more and see the evidence they have to show you before declining it automatically.”

In an email sent to the customer, DoorDash said in part:

“We do not condone this type of action and have therefore taken the step in removing them from our platform. This Dasher will no longer be able to deliver future orders on DoorDash. Results of all internal investigations are kept private.”

About the Author:

Liane Morejon is an Emmy-winning reporter who joined the Local 10 News family in January 2010. Born and raised in Coral Gables, Liane has a unique perspective on covering news in her own backyard.