Storm’s powerful winds make mess of Hollywood Broadwalk

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Strong winds from a powerful overnight storm blew sand all over the Hollywood Broadwalk.

City crews put scoopers, sweepers and shovels to work.

Dozens cleared up what many did not expect from this latest storm.

“I don’t know what to think of it,” one beachgoer said. “It’s crazy.”

Overnight, the beach took over the Broadwalk. Powerful wind gusts piled mounds of sand on the pedestrian pathway — several feet in some cases.

It even made it into some hotel swimming pools.

The mess paralyzed the beach for hours, but crews were later able to clear the sand.

About the Author:

Christian De La Rosa joined Local 10 News in April 2017 after spending time as a reporter and anchor in Atlanta, San Diego, Orlando and Panama City Beach.