Alfonso Mendoza sneaks inside teen girl's home, sexually assaults her, police say

Coral Springs man identified by 14-year-old, girl's mother

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - A Coral Springs man is accused of sneaking inside a 14-year-old girl's home and sexually assaulting her before climbing out through her bedroom window, police said.

Alfonso Mendoza, 44, was arrested Tuesday on charges of lewd and lascivious battery and burglary.

According to a Coral Springs police report, Mendoza entered the girl's home through a rear sliding door and walked into her room. Mendoza then placed his hand under the girl's clothes, touched her privates and tried to rip off her pajama pants, police said.

After the girl started to scream, Mendoza covered her mouth with his hand, police said.

However, the girl's mother heard her daughter scream, ran inside the room and saw Mendoza trying to climb out the window, police said.

The mother ran outside and yelled for help, getting the attention of a neighbor sitting outside his home.

That neighbor saw Mendoza running off and chased after him, but Mendoza got away, police said.

A police perimeter was established, and Mendoza was detained. Police said the girl and her mother positively identified him.

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