Firing, suspensions, demotions handed out after ATV crash

6 supervisors punished after officials say officers partied on duty

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - The city of Miami Beach released the final punishments Friday for the supervisors of two police officers accused of partying while on duty, one of whom was involved in an ATV crash that injured three people.

In a letter to the Miami Beach City Commission, City Manager Jorge M. Gonzalez wrote that the final disciplinary actions for the supervisors were served Thursday and Friday.

The punishments were in relation to the July 4 weekend incident involving then-officers Rolando Gutierrez and Derick Kuilan. Officials released a photo in July that they said showed Gutierrez and Kuilan, who were on duty at the time, taking pictures with a group of women at a bachelorette party.

After partying on the club's dance floor, police said Kuilan then invited the 27-year-old bachelorette aboard his department-issued ATV for a ride on the beach, a violation of police department rules. Police said Kuilan was driving the ATV on the sand near Fourth Street and Ocean Drive when he ran over two people who were waiting for the sun to rise.

Kuilan and Gutierrez were fired after the incident. Gutierrez's supervisor, Sgt. Manuel Moraga, was fired in August. His dismissal papers accused him of "gross negligence, gross inefficiency and blatant disregard" for his supervisory duties.

In addition to mentioning Moraga's firing, the city manager's note Friday mentioned discipline of three other classified supervisors in connection with the incident.

Sgt. Michael Muley was demoted to police officer and suspended without pay for 80 hours. Sgt. Alberto Estraviz also was suspended for 80 hours without pay. And, Lt. Jerome Berrian was demoted two ranks to police officer and was required to make restitution of $2,682.53.

Gonzalez said the classified employees may grieve or appeal the disciplinary action.

Among the police unclassified command staff, former Capt. Charles London was demoted to a lieutenant, and Division Maj. Brian Sliman was suspended for 40 hours without pay, the city manager wrote.

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