After police pursuit in Fort Lauderdale, officers arrest 3 robbery suspects

Dozens of patrol cars chase armed suspects in Jaguar

By Alex Finnie - Reporter, Andrea Torres - Digital Reporter/Producer

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Officers arrested three robbery suspects after a wild police pursuit involving a black Jaguar Friday night in Fort Lauderdale, according to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. 

Officer Casey Liening, a spokeswoman for the department, said police officers first spotted a vehicle they believed was involved in two armed robberies Friday.

Police officers said the driver of the Jaguar was weaving in and out of traffic, and got more erratic as he was heading west on Sunrise Boulevard. Several patrol cars were in pursuit. 

"He tried to squeeze between me and other cars to get away," said Gabriel Rivera, who was driving a white Kia. "And when he couldn’t, he just ran my car and pushed me into oncoming traffic."

Liening said the officers chased the vehicle. The three suspects jumped out of the Jaguar near the intersection of Sunrise Boulevard at Northeast 15th Avenue, police said. Witnesses said dozens of officers ran after them. 

Liening said detectives are still investigating the incidents.

Mike Michaelidis said he was the victim of the first robbery. Michaelidis said he was attending a meeting at Sunshine Cathedral in the 1400 block of Southwest 9th Avenue when he was approached by armed man who demanded money and his car keys. But Michaelidis was able to drive away.

"The perpetrators went from me straight to rob someone else three blocks away," Michaelidis said. "And it was a black Jaguar. Who the (expletive) uses a jaguar? Obviously thinking to blend in."

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