'I drink like a shark every day,' man tells bond court judge

Broward judge gives defendant extra day in jail to dry out

By Tim Swift - Local10.com Digital Editor

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A Broward County judge and a Fort Lauderdale man had a memorable exchange in bond court Saturday discussing whether sharks drink alcohol and eating green bologna -- all ending in two thumbs up and an additional day in jail for the man to dry out.

Jeffrey Luthringer, 53, appeared in bond court in Fort Lauderdale on alcohol-related charges.

Judge John Fry started the brief hearing by asking Luthringer how much he had to drink Saturday.

"I drink like a shark every day," Luthringer said.

"Sharks drink?" Fry asked clearly amused.

Luthringer responded by saying he was "currently in detox right now."

"That doesn't appear to going very well," Fry said. "I understand you're in county jail, so technically that's detox, but having said that, at least I hope it is. Do you understand everything I'm saying?" 

Luthringer said he did, but Fry then held up four fingers and asked Luthringer to count them.

Despite passing the test, Fry ordered Luthringer to spend another in jail -- otherwise known as detox.

"You can have all the green bologna the sheriff's office will give you between now and tomorrow morning," Fry said.

"It's usually peanut butter," Luthringer shot back.

Fry set his bond at $2,500 and urged Luthringer to be on his best behavior until he returned to court for another hearing Sunday.

"God bless America," Fry said as the next defendant approached for his hearing.

Jeffrey Luthringer was arrested on alcohol-related charges in Fort Lauderdale.

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