Students prepare for inauguration trip

10 Dillard High School students traveling to Washington DC

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Ten Dillard High School students are preparing for their trip to Washington, D.C, for Inauguration Day.

"Everybody wants to go but nobody's ever willing to work to get there," said Stephanie Davis. "So I feel like we're taking the extra mile to go."

"A lot of people can't grow up and say, 'Oh, when I grew up, I witnessed the first African-American president,'" said Jazzmen Sobers.

"I watched the inauguration last year on TV and it was like very emotional in my house because my grandmother, she was so proud to actually live to see a African-American president in office," said Brenajah Walker.

"The fact that you can be so young and go to something historical and you can actually write it on your college resume," said 17-year-old Cameron Mizell.

Twelfth grader Christian Cox was in Washington for President Barack Obama first inauguration four years ago.

"The first one, it was history. The second one, I feel it's repeating history but it's still up there in the level of importance," said Cox.

And what the president does afterwards is just as important to these young Americans.

"I'm just hoping that the world gets better, the economy gets better. They keep saying -- he says he can make a change and I want to see a change. That's all I care about," said Davia Norris.

On Thursday, a group of students from Miami Country Day School left for Washington, D.C.

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