Thief caught on camera ransacking liquor store in Fort Lauderdale

Crook steals hundreds of dollars, causes thousands more in damage

By Ian Margol - Reporter

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A thief was captured on surveillance video early Tuesday breaking into a liquor store in Fort Lauderdale and ransacking the place.

The owner has made sure no one can break in right now, but there is still some damage left over.

Fortunately, their cameras caught him in action, and they’re hoping someone can help identify him.

"I can hear the alarm from the store right in my bedroom," store owner Kaushal Karia said. 

Karia owns Primo Liquors and Fine Wines on South Federal Highway.

"He was using a crowbar -- a number of different tools. he went back to his car two different times and he planned it out," Karia said. 

Once the crook got inside, the alarm was triggered, which startled Karia awake.

Assuming the worst, he said he grabbed his phone and opened the surveillance camera app.

"Right when I was looking, the guy was making his way toward the register," Karia said. 

Karia called the police and watched helplessly as the thief ransacked the store, tearing apart drawers and electronics and grabbing whatever cash he could.

At one point in the video, you can hear the alarm company in the background, asking if they should send help as the crook continues with his plan.

As Karia watched on, the man made his way out the backdoor with arms full of cash.

That's when Karia said he ran out to his balcony, where he has a clear view of the shop.

"I came outside and I look right toward the store and I see a car pulling away," Karia said. 

It was too dark for him to be able to make out what kind of car it was, but Karia hopes someone will recognize the crook and turn him in.

"We're actually fortunate nobody got hurt. Only tangible things were taken, but we'd love to get this guy off the streets," Karia said. 

The thief got away with only a few hundred bucks, but he caused several thousand dollars more in damage.

Anyone with information about the thief's identity is asked to call Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477.


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