Local 10 calls out woman for continuous bad parking

Ethan Allen employee tries to save spots by taking up two or three at a time

By Alexandra Fruin - Producer

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. - Hundreds of Local 10 viewers send in photos of the things that drive them crazy on the roads, but sometimes it's the things other drivers do in parking lots that are the most annoying.

One viewer emailed Local 10's Jeff Weinsier to tell him about a car owner who parks badly on purpose -- nearly every day.

The woman, identified only as "Angie," uses her blue Hyundai Accent to take up two or three prime parking spaces outside the Ethan Allen store at NW 136th Avenue and Pines Boulevard in Pembroke Pines.

"What are you doing?" one driver said after seeing the car blocking spots. "Like, why park like that if ... I don't get it."

"It's selfish, that's what it is," another woman said. "It's just inconsiderate."

It turns out, Angie, who is an Ethan Allen employee, parks that way to "save" the spots.

Her co-workers say she does it because she's tired of BJ's customers parking in her shop's spots and leaving shopping carts behind. They claim they've told Angie not to park that way over and over again, but she refuses to stop.

Angie also refused to talk when Weinsier approached her outside the store. She got into her car and pulled out of the three spots she was taking up.

"Can we talk to you about your parking?" he asked. "Why do you think it's your responsibility to park like this?"

She mumbled something to Weinsier before speeding out of the parking lot, which to make matters worse, is rarely crowded.

Local 10 contacted Ethan Allen's corporate office to find out if they support the actions of its employee. No one responded to the request.

Weinsier spoke to several Ethan Allen customers who were annoyed that they had to park further away because of the worker's choice.

The day after Weinsier's confrontation, it looked like some change had been made. Angie's car was spotted taking up only one space -- behind the Ethan Allen store, all alone.

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