Local 10's Victor Oquendo takes plunge in Red Bull Flugtag

Victor flew a Larry O'Brien look-alike aircraft into Biscayne Bay

By Victor Oquendo - Anchor/Reporter , Alexandra Fruin - Producer

MIAMI - Local 10's Victor Oquendo took the plunge into Biscayne Bay Friday morning as part of the annual Red Bull Flugtag challenge.

Participants build homemade "flying machines" that are pushed off a 30-foot ramp to see how far it can float. Victor's aircraft was a large-scale version of the Larry O'Brien Trophy and was created with the help of designers at Fort Lauderdale's Bombshell Productions.


Victor's flying experiment came on the Red Bull event's Media Day. On Saturday, adventurers in five cities across the country will be taking a similar plunge.

In Miami, anyone is invited to come and watch the Flugtag flights. The hangar at Bayfront Park opens at noon, with flights beginning at 2 p.m.

Each participating team consists of a pilot and four people to help with the take-off. According to the event's website, winners are chosen by celebrity judges who rate flights based on distance, creativity of craft, and showmanship.

First place winners get to take home another chance at adventure. The entire team is rewarded with an outing to skydive with the Red Bull Air Force, a team of expert free flyers. Second and third place prizes will also be awarded.

Local 10 is no stranger to the Red Bull Flugtag. Last year, Ben Kennedy took part, chipping two teeth in the process! This year, Victor wore a mouthguard as a precaution.

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