Memorial day shooting witness says police destroyed evidence

2011 Urban Weekend shooting bystander says police tampered with evidence

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - A bystander caught in the crossfire of a police-involved shooting on South Beach two years ago says police admitted to destroying evidence related to the shooting.

In 2011, Police reportedly shot 116 rounds at a suspect during Urban Beach Weekend.

The shooting began when police officers were trying to stop a car as it traveled three blocks on Collins Avenue. Raymond Herisse, 22, the driver of the car, was fatally shot. Since then, Miami Beach Police have been fighting off allegations of corruption and tampering with evidence.

And now, lawyers representing one of the bystanders are calling for a federal investigation into the incident, saying that in an e-mail exchange with the Miami Herald, someone within the police department admitted to destroying audio evidence.

The police department says the e-mail was taken grossly out of context, and that the only thing destroyed were the recordings before and after the -- meaning everything relevant to the case is intact.

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