LeBron's neighbor believes King James will leave Miami

'A person has to do what they think is best,' says Sylvia Goldstein

By Liane Morejon - Reporter

MIAMI - A Miami police officer watches and waits outside the home of LeBron James. The peaceful, waterfront view of Coconut Grove is definitely a stark contrast to the free agency frenzy happening right now, with all eyes particularly focused on James himself.

Even his longtime neighbor and Miami Heat fan is taking notice, and Sylvia Goldstein says she believes her neighbor of four years is moving out.

"A person has to do what they think is best," says Goldstein.

James took a private red eye flight from Las Vegas to Miami Wednesday night with buddy, Dwyane Wade at his side. Wade was also at LeBron's basketball academy in Vegas.

While King James is currently in Miami, he's expected to travel to Brazil for the World Cup Final. ESPN reports there is no timetable for James' decision on whether he will stay in Miami or move back to Cleveland, but that it's likely he will decide before Sunday's match.

"He's only human, and making the best he can of his life," says Goldstein.  "You have to give him credit for that."

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