New photos released from Miami Beach police ATV crash

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Several months after a dangerous ATV accident involving a bachelorette party and Miami Beach police officers, those involved described the chaotic scene that sent two people to the hospital.

While visiting Miami from Pennsylvania last July, bride-to-be Adalee Sharee Martin was partying with her friends at the Clevelander on Ocean Drive.

Photos: Miami Beach police ATV crash scene

Audio: Sgt. Vicente San Roman | Adalee Sharee Martin | Camille Campbell

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"Two police officers came in, one of my friends thought that it would be cute if we had a picture taken with the police officers since it was my bachelorette weekend," she said.

Her friend, Jamie Aldinger said she thought the two now former officers — Derick Kulian and Rolando Gutierrez — were strippers because, she said one of them groped her and was dancing with a beer bottle in hand.

"Two guys that looked like officers came up and were just kind of dancing around us… we thought they were strippers," Aldinger said. "To me that only made sense. I mean I've met a lot of police officers and none of them act like that."

Then Aldinger said Kulian offered to give Martin a ride on the beach on his police department-issued ATV. She said he told her people pay a lot of money for rides on the beach.

Crime scene photos recently released document what happened after that.

"I didn't hear anything, I didn't see anything, I just felt like we hit something and I flew off of the ATV," Martin said.

What they hit were two people sitting on the beach, waiting for the sun to rise.

"Covered in sand, her hair a tangled mess, bawling, holding her back, just completely hysterical," said one of Martin's girlfriends. "Then I see a lady, like lying on the ground moaning, and I see another man and it was just trying to take in this overwhelming chaotic scene."

Both officers, who were on duty at the time of the accident, were fired, along with their supervisor.

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