Resigning Miramar city manager gets $2.4M payout

Miramar city manager resigns amid cronyism allegations

MIRAMAR, Fla. - A Miramar city manager who abruptly resigned amid cronyism allegations could take home hundreds of thousands of dollars as part of his pension plan.

Robert Payton quit his job without giving required notice. He started working within the city as a garbage man 36 years ago.

"He does not want to be here," said commissioner Yvette Colbourne.

Payton's resignation came while Local 10 questioned the employment of his brother, who retired from the city and began collecting a pension, only to be rehired.

Mayor Lori Moseley acknowledged the timing was suspicious but said Local 10's questions had nothing to do with his resignation.

"He has been talking about leaving the city for a long time," she said. "Unfortunately, the timing right now is a little awkward."

Colbourne said she tried to find out how much taxpayers would pay Payton in retirement, but Moseley tried to shut down the inquiry.

A city document obtained by Local 10 shows the city is considering a pension of $224,000 a year, $943,953 in health benefits, $929,651 in the city's 401K program, and $37,000 in sick and vacation time.

The city denied a Local 10 request to see Payton's contract Tuesday.

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