Rotary Club of Weston honors 'prom heroes'

Western High School students were on their way to prom when they helped victims of crash

By Alexandra Fruin - Producer , Sasha Andrade

WESTON, Fla. - When a group of Western High School seniors put prom on hold to rescue a family involved in a serious roll over wreck, Bob Harms was listening to the radio.

"I heard the story of these 20 wonderful kids that were on their way to the prom and really put service above self," he said.

The teenagers reacted like heroes, and so the Rotary Club of Weston member reacted, too. 

The club decided to pay tribute to the high schoolers with plaques and a standing ovation at their annual scholarship breakfast on Thursday morning.

"Some of these kids had blood on their prom dresses as they were going to the prom," said Harms. "It was just such a fantastic story."

The honor meant so much to Peter Kim and Ashley Wolf. 

"I'm just grateful," said Kim. 

"It makes me realize that we did do something good," said Wolf.

Both reacted like pros during the crisis, and they say it only reaffirms what they already knew -- they're heading off to college this summer to study medicine.

"It was so real that it makes me realize that I can actually do it and pursue it," said Wolf.

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