Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against schools police chief

Charles Hurley accused of sexually harassing two women

MIAMI - Two women file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Miami-Dade Public Schools Police chief.

Deanna Fox-Williams, who has worked in the schools police department for 17 years, claims Charles Hurley sexually harassed her since 2007.

"There were comments to my physique, to the parts of my body that are my female parts of my body that's private, to the point where I would try and change my attire because I didn't want to bring attention to myself," she said. "For me to talk about this, it's not shameful but I feel like it shouldn't have happened to me."

Fox-Williams and officer Yewande Gibson filed the civil lawsuit against Hurley and the school system. They claim his behavior was widely known throughout the district and that school leaders did nothing about it.

Fox-Williams said Hurley tried to fire her when she rejected his advances.

"He tried to take my job away," she said.

"And my clients took about as much as they could take. They wanted to make a difference. They wanted to change the way they do business there," said attorney Willie Gary.

In a statement, officials with Miami-Dade Public Schools say they took immediate action after they were notified of the allegations.

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Fox-Williams said things have gotten better since Hurley was reassigned.

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