Shooting survivor counsels trauma patients

Megan Hobson injured in shooting, recovered at Memorial Regional Hospital

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - A teenager injured in a drive-by shooting now counsels other youths recovering at the trauma center at Memorial Regional Hospital.

Megan Hobson and Eric Quinn share an unwelcomed connection -- a split second of time changed both their lives.

Last spring, Hobson was caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting when her sister's car was riddled with bullets.

"I was the only one of the four of us in the car that got shot," said Hobson.

The bullet tore through Hobson's pelvis, nearly killing her.

"I actually went into shock on the table. I had to take 35 units of blood and platelets because I basically was bleeding out," said Hobson.

In October, Quinn was hit by a car while waiting at a bus stop. The crash fractured his pelvis and damaged the nerves in his right foot. He left the hospital just last week.

"I'm grateful I got a second chance. From what the doctors and nurses are saying, I'm on the right track. I'm on the right road to recovery," said Quinn.

Hobson has been integral in helping Quinn recover. She now volunteers at Memorial Regional Hospital, counseling other youths who have been through the trauma center.

"This is the reason I stayed so I can help somebody else get through this hard time in their life," said Hobson.

Quinn said her guidance and support have made a big difference in his recovery.

"She understands what I'm going through because she's been through it herself and it's good to talk to somebody, so that you know basically everything is going to be okay and if she can recover, then definitely I can recover," said Quinn.

Hobson also volunteers to help raise money for the hospital. She wants to become a pediatric oncologist.

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