Shooting suspect described as quiet, smart

Jordyn Alexander Howe charged in shooting death of Lourdes Guzman

MIAMI - Friends and neighbors of the 15-year-old school bus shooting suspect described him as being quiet and smart, leaving them shocked after police said he brought a gun which fired and killed a 13-year-old girl onboard a bus.

Jordyn Alexander Howe is charged with manslaughter and carrying a concealed firearm in connection with the fatal shooting of Lourdes Guzman, 13.

"Kid's quiet, is really quiet, is no problem. You can't complain. He's inside the house all the time," said Howe's neighbor. "It's not a bad kid."

"He got good grades," said Seline Serrano. "And, in fourth period, he has history and he's the only kid who has an A in that class. He was just like a quiet person"

"It's very surprising. I wouldn't think of all people inside this school it would be him," said Nicole Rodriguez. "He was very good at guitar."

Police believe the shooting was accidental. Detectives said Howe brought the gun onboard the bus and was displaying it when it fired.

"Did he ever talk about guns?" asked Local 10's Terrell Forney.

No, never, never," replied Isabelle Yaport.

"Did he ever get in trouble in school?" said Forney.

"He's like a really good kid," said another girl.

Wednesday morning, Howe waived his right to a first appearance in court.

The public defender for Howe argued the state violated the violated the 24-hour policy, which says a juvenile must face a judge within 24-hours of being detained.

Howe was detained about 7 a.m. Tuesday but was not arraigned until 9 a.m. Wednesday, so the public defender argued he should be released to his parents.

Prosecutors argued Howe was not arrested until 5 p.m., which makes him well within the parameters of the 24-hour rule and should be kept behind bars with no bond.

The judge will hold a future hearing to address the issue. The state is expected to prosecute Howe as an adult.

The mother of Guzman said she forgave Howe.

Howe attended Somerset Academy Silver Palms. At nearby Palm Glades Preparatory Academy, students released balloons to remember Guzman.

Families in the area remained shocked by what happened.

"It's very disturbing as a parent. It's frightening. I can't even imagine the grief," said one mother.

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