Tourists, police come in droves to Urban Beach Weekend

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - In the middle of the music and madness of Urban Beach Weekend, there was marching.

More than a quarter million tourists Friday night met more than 600 officers who are patrolling on foot, on bikes, and in cars. Most of them moved in at sunset and they've been closing roadways, checking license plates for outstanding warrants and carding residents to let them through to their homes.

Officers began shutting down streets at dawn and raising barricades.

All of this coming in the wake of last year's fatal officer-involved shooting when one man was killed and four others were injured.

While the family of those victims wait for that investigation to be resolved, there are ongoing complaints of quotas and racial profiling at this weekend's events.

On Friday, however, hundreds of officers stood by, ready to do the job.

On Thursday, 47 people were arrested, including NBA basketball star J.R. Smith on an outstanding warrant.

"I think it's good to make sure no one gets hurt," one tourist said.

Another added, "I really do feel secure. While having a good time, they're still protecting me."

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