Loose alligator worries neighbors

Alligator spotted in Nautica subdivision in Miramar

By Jacey Birch - Anchor/Animal Advocate

MIRAMAR, Fla. - Residents are worried about an alligator spotted in their Miramar neighborhood.

The reptile was seen attempting to cross the main road between two lakes in the Nautica subdivision, located near the Miramar Parkway and Interstate 75, about 8:30 pm Saturday.

"I saw this shadow in the street, so I swerved from it and after I swerved from it, I realized the tail moved, something moved and I reversed back and shined the light and it was an alligator," said Floyd Chong. "I couldn't believe it. It's unreal. I didn't expect to see an alligator here. I thought it was a palm tree branch actually. I couldn't believe it."

Chong said a crowd then gathered and snapped photos of the reptile. He added that he tried warning Joshua Sabates, who was jogging towards it.

"This guy was coming up jogging with his earpiece in and he didn't see the alligator and I was trying to stop him," said Chong.

"He looks like he's waving at me and I've got a good stride on. I've got my headphones going," said Sabates.

Unaware, Sabates nearly ran right into the path of the lurking gator.

"I tried to stop him and he wouldn't stop until he got almost into the alligator's way," said Chong.

"He gets a little bit more frantic with the waving and everything and saying, 'Stop, stop, stop!' so I stopped in my tracks and I look up and I said, 'Oh my God. It's a gator,'"' said Sabates.

The two were strangers before Sabates' near run-in with the alligator, but have quickly become friends.

"I'm thankful for my leg. I'm thankful for my leg, Floyd," joked Sabates. "It blended in so well with all the shadows and the dark. Who knows what would have happened."

Trappers are expected to search the area for alligator. In the meantime, yellow caution tape marked the spot where the alligator was first discovered and families with children, cats, dogs and other small animals are being warned of the danger in their back yard.

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