Loria sells painting, worth almost as much as Marlins

Marlins owner sells Giacometti work for $32.6M

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NEW YORK - Even when Jeffrey Loria fails, he wins.

Loria, the perpetually-derided owner of the Marlins, sold one of his treasured artworks this week for less than expected, but still made out like a bandit.

A renowned art collector, Loria sold a work by Alberto Giacometti for $32.6 million at auction in New York on Monday. Before the auction, experts believed the painting could fetch as much as $50 million.

Despite the cut-rate sale, Loria's take equaled almost as much as the roughly $39 million payroll of his baseball team.

You know Loria's team, it's the one that plays in the brand new stadium built on the backs of taxpayers who never had a chance to vote on the proposal and then saw the team dismantled of all but one superstar? Yeah, that's the one.

With all his art knowledge, Loria has to know the Marlins are not a pretty picture these days.

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