Man charged after students hospitalized for eating drug-filled brownies

Dionisio Lockridge, graduate of school, charged with possession of marijuana, cocaine, Xanax

MIAMI - A 22-year-old man admitted to selling drug-filled brownies that got 10 students sick, according to an arrest report.

Police arrested Dionisio Lockridge Thursday. He was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell, possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, and possession of a controlled substance (Xanax).

Lockridge admitted to selling the brownies for $12 apiece to a teenager who attends Braddock High School, according to the arrest affidavit. Lockridge told police the brownies were cooked with K2 Spice, a psychoactive drug made of herbs and synthetic chemicals that mimics the effects of marijuana.

K2 is sometimes sold in small pouches. It can elevate blood pressure and cause twitching and sweating.

Neighbors said they had no idea that Lockridge allegedly made the brownies inside his apartment.

The teenager who bought the brownies gave them to his girlfriend, one of the ten students at Miami Coral Park Senior High School who was transported to Kendall Regional Medical Center and Miami Children's Hospital as a precaution after eating the brownies, said police. A tenth student was treated but not transported.

Local 10 has learned that Lockridge is a graduate of the school the students attended.

PHOTOS: What police found in Lockridge's apartment

During a probable cause hearing, prosecutors said Lockridge showed police where the brownies were cooked and where he had other drugs and cash.

"This brings bake sale to a new level," said Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Ellen Sue Venzer.

The students reportedly ate the brownies off campus before classes started.

"There was a girl just on the floor and she was awake but on the floor," said Stephanie Acosta.

"People just on the floor, fainting, and then a lot of people thought there was more and then everyone found out there were a lot of classes happening," said Walter Viera.

A school official said brownies found inside Lockridge's apartment were recovered and submitted to the Miami-Dade crime lab for testing. District spokesman John Schuster further charges are pending the lab results.

The ten students will be suspended, according to school officials.

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