Man gets restraining order against 'neighbor from Hell'

Francisco Torres receives permanent restraining order against Mitchell Igelko

MIAMI - People living near him dub him the "neighbor from Hell," and one of his neighbors received a restraining order against him.

Francisco Torres lives across the street from Mitchell Igelko, who was charged with two counts of criminal mischief and two counts of stalking last month.

Torres even set up surveillance cameras to catch him in the act.

On Friday, two men sat inside the same courtroom yet again.

"I feel like I live back in Libya or Iraq because I am always trying to protect my family," said Torres.

Torres produced video he said showed Igelko egging his house, throwing nails onto his driveway, and killing his grass with chemicals. He also said neighbors suspected Igelko was behind several vehicles being doused with flammable liquids and a boat that was set on fire.

"What we have here is a neighbor dispute. Unfortunately, we have adults are not conducting themselves (like) we would expect to conduct themselves in," said Eric Padron, Igelko's attorney.

Igelko didn't testify. His attorneys felt he could indict himself in his pending criminal cases.

"This is a case where there is, in my opinion, stalking," said Circuit Court Judge Mark K. Leban. "You know there's an old saying, 'Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.' That's a lie... I don't know what the animosity is. I never really kind of caught why this started but it's going to end."

"Finally, I got the justice I was asking for," said Torres. "This individual will hopefully never give me a hard time and I have some piece of mind momentarily."

Leban gave Torres' a permanent restraining order, stating Igelko must stay 75 feet from Torres' front door for one year.

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