Manager uses Twitter to call out restaurant no-shows

Red Medicine in Beverly Hills has had enough

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LOS ANGELES - Don't show up for a restaurant reservation without calling? Get ready to be publically humiliated!

Would-be customers of a Beverly Hills restaurant learned that lesson the hard way after they were "outed" by the manager on Twitter.

Noah Ellis of Vietnamese eatery Red Medicine decided he had enough with people not calling ahead to cancel, so he took to Twitter and sarcastically thanked each and every one of them for not showing up.

Ellis also tweeted that the people who do show up can blame the no-shows for the reason why they have to still wait for tables.

One rude no-show seemed to get Ellis really angry as he tweeted to a Kyle Anderson that he hoped he enjoyed his girlfriend's birthday and the flowers that he didn't bring when he failed to show up for his prime time reservation.

Red Medicine, considered one of the top restaurants in the country, does not require customer credit cards to hold a reservation which makes it easier to cancel.

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