Mayor Moseley's statement following recent media coverage

"Having served the great residents and business community of Miramar since 1995, I wish to help clarify some of the misguided and flawed information you have been bombarded. I, too, am frustrated and desire to ensure that we make the necessary adjustments and continue to move our great City in a positive and progressive manner.

As the Mayor, I wish to provide context and clarify.  If you recall, in the 2000's, Miramar was one of the fastest growing cities in the nation.  It was then that the City determined that we had an opportunity to grow in a way that emphasized quality of life for our residents, instead of letting the growth dictate our future.  The decision required us to make sure we had the right people with the necessary maturity, experience, and vision to guide us.  We had the good fortune of having people who helped grow our City into one of the best cities in the country.  Now our City's destiny requires us to move to the next level, while acknowledging the fiscal climate.

I respectfully ask you to look at all the facts and circumstances. Our staff is made up of people who are hardworking and committed to the residents and business community of our proud City.  Mr. Payton's first job with the City of Miramar was a garbage collector.  I am not sure if I know anyone who achieved the rank of garbage collector to City Manager.  When Mr. Payton was promoted to City Manager he had already served 22 years with the City of Miramar. These circumstances alone are highly unusual; considering he was already receiving the benefits that were provided to an employee of his length of service.  The change in his position required change in his compensation and then the City at the time was experiencing an unprecedented growth and redevelopment.  The confusing nature of compounding interest only serves to muddle and already complex financial issue. Limited Benefit Employees were done in the context of cost saving measures and was never intended to be a long term solution.

It is vital that we look back at the circumstances of what has transpired, and decide as a Commission on how to move forward.  Miramar's financial state is solid, and prides itself on living within its means; focusing on those projects where the return on investment is great, and employing those employees who can help us accomplish those goals.  I know, we as a City, have overcome many challenges and together we will move forward.

For more information, please call 954-602-3130."

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